Teatulia Organic Tea Eco Canisters
Teatulia Organic Tea Eco Canisters

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Single Source, Sustainable, and Organic Tea from Teatulia

Along with treating our bodies with respect, Teatulia treats Mother Earth and its inhabitants with respect. A true champion of sustainable tea, Teatulia operates a nearly 2000 acre organic tea garden in North Bangladesh. For the planet, Teatulia employs conscious agricultural practices, growing tea that is naturally fertilized, carefully hand-picked, and cultivated with the principles of Masanobu Fukuoka, who made benefits of "natural" or "do nothing" farming known. For the people, Teatulia uses its garden to provide more than just jobs: it provides fair wages, it teaches their employees to grow and cultivate their own crops, and it strengthens the ties between the business and the community, putting property in the hands of people who need it most. Teatulia is more than just another tea company; Teatulia fosters harmony between the tea, the people and the environment.

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