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Me & the Girls Bar Beleza Multi Use Beauty Bar (1.5 oz)
Me and the Girls
Me & the Girls Bar Beleza Multi Use Beauty Bar (1.5 oz)

Nourishing your skin and sporting the natural glow which results has never been easier with this all natural combination cleanser, light day moisturizer, and primer conditioner. The best part of all is that you can instantly expect your skin to feel and look refreshed and luminous.

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Customer Reviews
  • Sharon Koon - 11/7/13
    Natural, works fine for sensitive skin
    This product surprised me with how much it can do with very basic, natural ingredients
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  • April Coleman - 8/14/13
    great product!
    Loved this product for eye makeup removal!
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  • Erica Whitfield - 8/12/13
    Nice concept
    I keep a chap stick size in my purse for times I need a moisturizer, however I cannot imaging using this on my face as it has a thick consistency. Furthermore, they warn you this product will melt and I assure you it will not make it through a sunny warm day in your purse.
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  • STEPHANIE KROPF - 8/8/13
    A handy little helper, bar beleza
    This little chapstick is much more than that. I use it almost every night to remove my eye make up and it takes it right off. It also moisturizes without clogging my pores or irritating my sensitive skin.
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  • djw209 - 8/5/13
    Easy to use, easy on the face
    I liked this natural way of removing my makeup each night.
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  • klangert - 8/1/13
    Amazing, may need tweaking in package too confusing, looks like lip balm
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  • Ashley Stell - 7/27/13
    Awkward but effective
    This product was a little confusing to me. It looks and feels like chapstick. I wasn't quite sure how to apply it correctly, and felt a bit awkward doing so. While washing my face, it didn't really feel much like it was cleansing or getting the makeup off. I wasn't a big fan of the way it smelled either. It smelled kind of like sweat or something. The good news was that I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually did clean my face well, which I noticed once it dried. And it left my face feeling very smooth and nice. So overall it is a great product, just a very awkward and somewhat unpleasant experience to use.
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  • Virginia Williams - 7/19/13
    great for travel
    this was great in a shape of chap stick great to send for camp
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  • Stacy Sansone - 7/19/13
    very greasey
    wasn't easy to use. very greasey for my tastes.
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